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Friday, 18 May 2012

My names are Duncan Arara am aged 29 and the last borne of a family of seven all my parent died long time ago was raised by neighbors and that gave me a lesson about the significant of a good community and love serving the community i do have passion of supporting women especially young vulnerable women and their young one which they mostly get at a time of desperate situation and their are forced to keep the child,its very important for us the community to support them as we are against abortion for the girls who accepted to carry the baby for nine months and eventually give birth is a great role to them and to us since their are part of the community am now pleading with the world to take a minutes and thinks of this minority voiceless group of people, support them  and make the world a better place, we need also to set job creation platform to create employment for this group, our kibera community project is engaging the community to look at the teen age mothers with positive thoughts and  not take them as an outcast of the community.
lets join hand and support a cause that  you understand  it could  be your doughtier next time so lets not look at the problem with blind eye, i don't know anyone but i know the world is listening and watching  feel free to contact me to be part of this cause, am just a man who believe in his own spirit  we need to do something to the community  you can volunteer your time and visit us in kibera and see for your self as you as make your own journey of life may good lord guide you all in the best cause you take if you are supporting life contact me so we could join hand to cub abortion as we create better world for this people, world is at the verge of confusion lets share our mind together and listen to our inner Saul,  everyone has a role to play musician compose a song if an artist have some drawing to communicate about this get involve and make the world good and better place.thanks to part of the world who are already working with me keep up the great work the journey is still ahead.
lets everyone know that what is essential to human is not always visible to human eye go well people and pray for me,you  may contact me through  address  duncanarara@yahoo.com
OFFICE ADDRESS:Smothersforcusp@yaho.com

I wish to take this golden opportunity to thank and appreciate the edmundrice network international and Kenya for their daily support to our project here in Kenya, we would like to thank all the team who are involved with us direct or indirect, all your contribution through prayers, advice financial are appreciated by our African team and the entire group of young mums here in Kenya kibera community.
The month of April has been a hard month for all of us, there are lots of rain, death etc, however we have concluded the month with some happy ness now ,we have got baby jumpsuit from Baby Teresa company Tasmania through the courtesy of Emma Radin so happy for all of you there both the kids and the women are extremely happy and nothing we could say but to summarize by one word  “BIG Thank you for your great effort for supporting our community

Young mums receiving the baby jumpsuit from Emma Radin
From kibera community center, you see as mile by everyone in their faces great work, they must be wondering what else could be in there parcel….hahaha!

Babies in their news jumpsuit immediately before they are washed, they never follow instruction that they need to be washed with the worm water for the first time, may be they will do so when they get to their home ….! It was really a great moment for the mum and the children, the kids look great in the jam suits hehe thanks to the family of baby Teresa and Emma too.
Your generosity has not gone to waste but is used as a tool of transformation of livelihood of less fortunate women and their children, onbehalf of the team and the young mums I wish to say that new hope of life to the young women here is born, we have noticed this during the past 3 months and today when we received the gift from Emma Radin, thanks heaps from Tasmania Edmund rice network and Christian Brothers East Africa , may all of you keep waking gently with us as you transform the world each day, may the presence of the spirit of Edmund be felt across the globe   and be reflected upon by small and big communities  across Africa and beyond
Edmund rice once saidBut We as a community must help it develop and flourish, otherwise we will have failed our future “we should all learn That the general work or engagement Of eddy rice is his message to the world and that is the work of cbs in Africa ….WE AFRICAN ARE HAPPY TO RECEIVE THE NEWS AND ACTION OF EDMUND RICE thanks heaps..
here are a few comments from the women.
Mbithe Ros : how do you feel about yourself?”am feeling great a least am able to have hope that someday my daughter will go to school and have education, am happy because am not idol and each morning I wake up coming here making me feel like any other person who is employed by big company again coming here has strengthened me a lot because we share our stories and we laugh all together making us to forget our main problem so group is helping us a lot.
Muhonja : am happy since I have a place to spend the day each day ; I would advice our members to keep up the spirit of togetherness since coming together by itself is great strength.
Atieno : I am happy we have made a step, am happy I would be able to get milk for my children out of here,a least I would be able to feed my family and continue giving them hope,atleast we should get breakfast here during work as one of our meal of the day since most of  us do come without  anything  in the morning, this may give us energy to work hard, it can motivate us more during working  hours. If we could get maize floor and sukuma wiki (cales) even once per week will help us a lot   for me my major problem is rent, food for my two boys of 10 ,12 years and their school tuition fee, I have not paid anything they are home  but I keep sending them back to school but am sure I will  find them home again since I have no  money to pay for them in schoo
Winey:” some are slow learners  but we have moved from initial stages to new level, I am happy this project makes me busy and am now able to make some beads by myself. If I continue like this am sure this will enable every one of us to be on its own, be able to feed himself and the children, I would like everyone to be serious and work hard to forge ahead with life to the next level
We the team are happy that the group is progressing positively and soon they will be the torch of their own family
Other news of kibera
Yesterday two young kids were killed by flood in kibera lindi one was found flooting from the nearby stream of river, one was found lying dead at Raila village in kibera poor slum.
At least least 100 houses along the river bank of kibera have been destroyed by flood for the past month just asking the people reading this to support us and pray for all of us at this time of havoc.
Popical news
There is tension in the western pert of Kenya due to political rival between two aspirant to the presidency mr Amolo Odinga and DPM Musalia Mudvadi

Thank in advance the committee members
Kibera community centre

we are seeking sanitation,girl empowerment ,sports for social change .For networking seeking partnerships with organizations dealing with behavior change in social life,entrepreneurship,art for our center to support more vulnerable group in our society

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Monday, 21 November 2011

Bead work Project

Part of the Ysmeg group involves in a jewellery making project, the group teach each other the delicate skill of weaving traditional east African beadwork jewellery which they sell at local markets and is sold by an Australian representative in Melbourne, all profits are returned directly to the project. And is currently the major source of income to the Young single mother’s community center in Kibera kenya


Young single girls who become pregnant face three alternatives. She may marry the father; if she is in school or just in same college /community, she most likely will drop out if in college or school. The marriage as well as the pregnancy may be un preferred and soon result in neglect or abandonment, often experiencing societal disapproval and economic hardship. Or she may have an abortion, typically illegal and unsafe.” due to their financial condition or status.
In one of the conference I attended one of the facilitator quoted that “If girls go through with the pregnancy, the risk of complications or of dying in childbirth are much greater than if she had delayed childbearing until physically mature.
Those who survive face livelihood issues. Duncan stresses the importance of schooling and vocational training for young, outcast mothers. There are numerous projects, such as the ysmeg in kianda kibera’s programme which provide opportunities for alternative life style and tactics to girls who have been expelled from school or abandoned by their family.
“Most schools including Government ones prefer not to readmit those who get pregnant while in school even though there is no law barring them,” says Duncan. “    In addition, young mothers become adults directly after childhood without the intervening phase of adolescence.” sound fanny!
A unique aspect of her organization, Duncan says, is that in addition to their work with young mothers they focus on what he calls ‘positive leaving’. She points out that there is a lopsided focus in the government as well as on the part of international support on girl-specific initiatives, most Ngos does support only education but their need to develop environment that is inclusive and able to incorporate all kind of life style as of this nature, therefore there is a great need to develop practical life rather than theoretical one
“Male sexual education, awareness and employment skills are equally important. If we are to address the problem of teenage pregnancy and single mothers, boys will have to be given as much attention as the girls. Sadly, all the national and international funding is for girls-focused programme. Boys are being left out and it is showing negative results already,” says Duncan , who thinks male youth are under more pressure and receive little attention for their problems, these group of people are not positively attended to even by their own parent therefore the society is loosing the balance
The fact is that with this agenda. “The problem of single mothers, street children, prostitution and HIV/AIDS cannot be addressed in isolation from the male component of society. We’ll have to engage vulnerable people on both sides of the gender divide.” in order to realize positive impact in the society